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365 in 365: July

Posted on: July 31, 2010

 Well, today is the last day of July, so it is time for my Decluttering Challenge update.  If you recall, I committed to removing 365 items of clutter from my home over the next year; one for every day.  I got off to a very good start as described here and for the rest of the month, I have gradually gotten rid of things as I come across stuff that is no longer needed.  Now, truthfully, most of the items that I’m taking credit for haven’t actually left my possession because they’re in the garage in a box awaiting drop-off at my local GoodWill store.  But they are out of my living space, so I’m counting them.  Here’s how I did in July:

Clothes:  27  Books:  3  Decor:  5  Miscellaneous:  20

That’s a total of 55 items of clutter that are no longer robbing space in my house!  Probably 95% of them came from our master bedroom, which is looking a little neater these days (and will have a fancy new wall treatment in a few days…future post coming!).  By my calculations, I basically don’t have to do much for the month of August since I’m so far ahead of my one-item-per-day goal, but I want to tackle the basement next.  I’m tired of it being a complete pig-sty…it doesn’t really help get my creative juices going when I’m down there scrapbooking!

How have you done with removing unneccessary clutter?


2 Responses to "365 in 365: July"

Excellent job, Stace! You are doing far better than I at clearing away the clutter. I actually just seem to be constantly bringing more into the house, with no actual idea of where I’m going to put it. Though considering that last year we took about ten to fifteen carloads of stuff to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Yardsales, I think that things are not as bad as they could be. Though I look around and see that there is so much more to do. ie: the dreaded bookshelf, haha.

haha…I do it in spurts of organizing, not all at one time (with the exception of the big closet purge). My task is the basement because it is REALLY irritating me.

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