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A Project in Limbo No More!

Posted on: July 30, 2010

A few months ago, I bought some grommet drapery panels for our family room…I figured that since we’d been living in this house for more than two years, it was about time to replace the bedsheet that we had been using (it was a nice bedsheet, but still, it was time!).  I bought two panels at Zellers in St. Thomas, not realizing that they weren’t going to be quite wide enough and was lucky enough to find two more  at the Zellers in London a few days later…in both cases, I got my hands on the last package!  I had been looking for 63 inch long panels, but they didn’t exist in the grommet style in an appropriate colour for our family room.  So instead, I bought 84 inch panels with the intent of hemming them up to the proper length.

So I ironed, cut and pinned up the panels where I wanted to create the hem and hung them on the curtain rod so that they didn’t get wrinkly again.  Time went on and now, months later (to the point that I don’t even remember when I bought them), I have finally finished them!  I decided to buckle down and get to work when my husband started complaining about getting poked in the head with the pins while sitting on our sectional couch.  Instead of hauling out the sewing machine, I used some fusible bonding web that I picked up at Walmart for $2.  This option has turned out to be much easier…no messing with the sewing machine that tends to catch and ruin fabric, no worrying about running out of thread and no frustration on my part!


2 Responses to "A Project in Limbo No More!"

Gasp? No pictures? I guess I’ll have to check it out on the next scrapbooking adventure (BTW, i went shopping for more supplies so i can stop stealing your cardstock).

Nope, no pictures…they don’t really look any different except that there aren’t any pins to jab unsuspecting guests in the back of the head

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