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Chalkboard/Memo Board Trio

Posted on: July 11, 2010

Today, I took the leftover canvas and frame from my chalkboard project and created a memo board to hang with the two chalkboards on my kitchen wall.  I had bought some white ribbon and also used some leftover fabric from my handmade diaper bag, so this project was very inexpensive since most of the supplies were already in my home.

I got some quilting fiber stuff from my mom and cut that down to the same size as my frame and canvas (8×10).  If I weren’t framing the memo board, I would have left some extra to wrap around the edge of the canvas but I wanted to make sure it would still fit in the frame.  I used some spray adhesive (first time using this and now I’m totally addicted!! Love it!) to secure the fiber to the canvas before wrapping my fabric around it, which was also secured with the spray adhesive.  I cut the ribbon down to appropriate lengths (I used four pieces of 14 inch ribbons and four pieces of 8 inch ribbons for an 8×10 canvas) and arranged it on the back of the canvas to get the spacing right.  I marked the back of the canvas to indicate where the ribbons should be glued and used (you guessed it) more spray adhesive to attach the ribbons.

I let the glue dry for about an hour, then put the memo board  in the frame and then I was done!  I hung them on the wall with finishing nails and stood back to bask in the glory of another completed project!


3 Responses to "Chalkboard/Memo Board Trio"

it definitely looks better than it did before. If I was creative, perhaps i could do something like that. alas, i also don’t know where i’d put it either. very nice though, i like the pretty silver frames.

I like this! The black and white is classy – I always see these in stores and think, “I could make that” and I never do…. but now I know how!
Smartie pants…..

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