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Framed Canvas Chalkboard

Posted on: July 8, 2010

The other day, I finally picked up a long-coveted jar of chalkboard paint.  I’ve been wanting to try some crafts using chalkboard paint for a while and after receiving an early birthday cheque, I made my purchase knowing exactly what my first project would be. 

We have an awkward one-foot section of wall space in our kitchen between our upper cabinets and where the kitchen wall ends, which isn’t really good for much.  Right now, we have a whiteboard/corkboard from Dollarama which is nearing the end of its lifespan.  The whiteboard section won’t really erase anymore and the corkboard is too small to hold more than a few coupons.  With the chalkboard paint, I wanted to create some framed canvas chalkboards.

I bought the chalkboard paint from Walmart for $9…it’s a relatively small jar but it will go a long way!  I also bought a set of three canvases and three frames from Dollarama (total of $9).  I painted two of the canvases with the chalkboard paint (allowing 1 hour for it to dry as per the directions) and then let them cure for 24 hours.  I’d recommend using regular acrylic paint to prime the canvases first so you don’t have to use so many coats of chalkboard paint…I ended up doing four coats before I got an even black colour on the white canvas.

After letting the paint cure, I conditioned it by rubbing chalk over the canvas, and then they were ready to go.  I’m going to hang them on the kitchen wall vertically, so there will be one chalkboard on top, a memo board in the middle (post regarding that project probably coming this Sunday) and the other chalkboard on the bottom.  The top chalkboard will be for commonly used numbers, like my work number and the voicemail code and the bottom one for daily messages like, what’s for supper and when my library books are due back.  I’ll post a picture of how the three canvases look together on the wall when the memo board is done.


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[…] Half the family showed up around 2:30 to chillax for a while before heading out to the traditional hike around Dalewood conservation area.  This left me alone in the house with a good 90 minutes to get the house ready for dinner.  I set up the extra table and chairs, added table linens and seasonal decor, lit candles, ran and emptied the dishwasher, mixed up punch, unpacked the extra needed dishes and utensils and polished the old (two years old) stainless steel utensils with vinegar to get rid of the tarnish spots…it really works!The rest of the gang came back around 5:30, just as the turkey reached the required 180 degrees!  The menu included sides from my aunt, grandma, sister and mom (squash, white potato/sweet potato mash, peas, corn and broccoli salad).  Dessert was provided by myself and my aunt (caramel cheesecake and pumpkin pie, which according to my cousin is the official dessert of the Indianapolis Colts…it’s not).  Remember these memo boards? […]

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