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365 in 365: Day One!

Posted on: July 1, 2010

Well, today is July 1st (Happy Canada Day!), which means it is the official first day of my decluttering challenge.  From the results of the poll from yesterday’s post, I started the challenge by tackling the closet.  I must say, I am off to a blistering start!  My decluttering efforts today extended beyond the master bedroom closet to two large IKEA baskets in our Expedit bookcase, which I’ve been meaning to sort through for a LONG time!  In total, I have removed (or rather, put in a box for Good Will) 47 items of unneeded clutter.  I have removed 20 items of clothing, which means that when all my clothes are clean, I’ll be able to hang everything up (!).  I have also removed 27 miscellaneous items, including books, CDs, decorative items and other such things.  In addition, I have filled a large black garbage bag about 3/4 fill with stuff for the trash.  This means I’m pretty much done for the month of July, haha!

I’m glad to hear that some of my readers are also taking on this challenge…I have received several messages from people saying that they’ve removed their item of clutter for the day.  If a year of decluttering seems too much, try the challenge for a month; remove 30 items in 30 days instead and see how much of a difference it makes!


3 Responses to "365 in 365: Day One!"

since i am one of those people who seems to have other people just giving me boxes and bags of books all the time, i think my best and most logical place to start is the bookshelves in the basement. and probably the random piles of five or six books located all over the rest of the house. my problem is, parting with books is like parting with limbs, and it may take a lot of self conversation and arguing with both sides of my brain (the logical one and the one that lives in a fantasy world) to actually make any decisions on getting rid of some.

i applaud your effort in starting with your precious books…let me know how it turns out!

[…] from my home over the next year; one for every day.  I got off to a very good start as described here and for the rest of the month, I have gradually gotten rid of things as I come across stuff that […]

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