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365 in 365: Decluttering Challenge

Posted on: June 30, 2010

A recent browse through blogland landed me on several websites detailing a decluttering challenge…one that involved eliminating one (or more) items of clutter for every day of the year.  At first I thought this seemed like quite a daunting task, but then I envisioned how my house would look after removing 365 things I didn’t need and I liked that idea tremendously.  So seeing as tomorrow is the beginning of another month, I’ve decided to give this challenge a try.  I will do a blog post to update my progress through the challenge and to keep myself accountable.

Now that I’ve committed myself to this challenge, the mental debate begins:  Where do I begin?  The basement, which contains still-packed boxes from when we moved in more than two years ago (clearly we don’t need these things!)?  My closet because it would be so much easier to choose outfits if the clothes I don’t wear weren’t taking up space?  My scrapbooking space, which houses a TON of supplies that I don’t, and likely will not, use?  The garage which is just plain cluttered?

And perhaps more importantly, will I be able to convince my husband to part with some of his things during the course of my challenge (namely, his computer games and DVDs that take up a HUGE amount of space!)?

What do you think?  Where should I start?


3 Responses to "365 in 365: Decluttering Challenge"

First of all, this is somewhat inspiring. It’s my clutter in this house, but other people’s. I moved into a home belonging to a family with a long history of packrat ways. So i shall also try and do this and we shall see where we get.
that being said, i just had to comment and say, good freaking luck with the clearing out of the games. being a gamer myself and living with one, i can definitely say, it’s not clutter to a gamer. it’s a collection. and one they’re generally proud of at that. I laugh out loud at your thought of clearing out the “computer game clutter”. hahahaha.

Well, I knew it was a long shot, but I also know that there are games that he hasn’t played in the more than two years that we’ve lived in this house!

i have games that i’ve had for more than ten years and haven’t played but could never bring myself to get rid of. I have games i hunted down for a long time before finally finding a copy that i might never play, but HAD to have in my collection (don’t ask me why, it’s this thing i do). haha, also, i keep buying more. this is the gamer curse. just feel lucky you don’t have two in your house. we have three or four huge rubbermaid bins full of systems and games that aren’t ever played but we can’t get ride of.

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