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20-Minute Power Clean

Posted on: June 23, 2010

Up until this afternoon, my son’s room was a pig-sty…to the point that vacuuming took about 30 seconds because most of the floor space was filled with shower gifts still requiring thank you cards to be written, more gifts that needed to be organized, his suitcase from our recent trip to Montreal and other miscellaneous items.  I had put this cleaning task on my mental to-do list a LONG time ago…ie., the week after my church baby shower (in APRIL!).  Today, I decided to bite the bullet because we have company coming tomorrow and I set my kitchen timer for 20 minutes, challenging myself to see how much work I could get done that time span.  When the timer beeped to signal that my time was up, I was surprised to find that the task at hand was this-close to being finished.  A little help from hubby to lift our suitcases up to the closet shelf, and I was done!  In 20 minutes, I managed to organize the presents requiring thank you cards, organized the toys, hung up clothes, sorted laundry and started a load in the washing machine.

I really enjoy doing these 20 minute power cleaning sessions.  Recently, I’ve used this technique in the guest room, basement, my scrapbooking area and kitchen to name a few.  I find it very motivating to race against the clock and see how much I can get done in that short amount of time.  20 minutes is long enough to make a major dent in the messiest of rooms, or to completely organize a room that is just overtaken with random clutter.  Not to mention, 20 minutes is not a major time investment to make, especially if I have other things going on.  The next time you look around your home and find the disorganization and clutter demoralizing, set that kitchen timer for 20 minutes and see how much you can accomplish before it goes off.  You might be surprised and find yourself motivated to keep going even after the time limit has past…I know I have!


6 Responses to "20-Minute Power Clean"

this is good in theory, but i really hate cleaning. i suppose that it would work well, but mostly our cleaning stuff, the stuff we leave the longest is the hardest stuff. the moping, sweeping, dusting, scrubbing and whatnot. the clutter i have no problem with. but there is hardwood in the entire house, no vacuuming for us. i’ll give it a try next time though and let you know how it goes.

yeah, i’ve done with the general cleaning too, like mopping the floor and cleaning the bathrooms…put on some music and you’d be amazed at how fast the time goes!

haha, that all depends on how long mike and I argue about what music is appropriate for cleaning to. Because I love Nine Inch Nails, but it does not inspire me to mop the floor.

something peppy…might i suggest a little n*sync?

I was that company!!!
Your place WAS clean. Good job 🙂

haha, thanks…we found your note the other day…very sneaky!

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