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I Dislike Unpacking!

Posted on: June 22, 2010

This past weekend, my hubby, baby and I took off to Montreal to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.  We had a fabulous time, catching up with friends and family and just relaxing.  We arrived home yesterday and now I find myself faced with the arduous task of unpacking our suitcases.  Generally, I enjoy packing for a vacation for several reasons.  First, the anticipation of the vacation makes the task seem much quicker.  Secondly, I’m a very organized person and before attempting to pack for a weekend away, I arm myself with a checklist of all the particular things we will need (I’m happy to say that I didn’t think of a single thing we had forgotten on our trip to Montreal).  Unpacking, on the flip side, has neither of the aforementioned benefits.  The vacation is but a memory in time behind me, and thus does not spur me to complete the task any quicker.  I’m left with a stockpile of dirty laundry and numerous personal items that must now be distributed throughout the house to where they normally reside.  Also, there’s no checklist to motivate me as I return things to their rightful place, no record of how much I have accomplished and how much further I have to go.  Right now, our suitcase is sitting on the upstairs landing outside, mocking me every time I walk past.  I have removed the essential personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, etc, but haven’t worked up the energy to get any further.  Any ideas as to how I can motivate myself to complete this task tonight?


2 Responses to "I Dislike Unpacking!"

make hubby do it!!!! i figure, if you packed, he can unpack. or, open them up and accidentally kick them down the stairs, for then, you will be forced to pick the stuff up, as it is all over the floor. Or consider the following, if you hide something important of the hubby’s inside the suitcase, he’ll be forced to tear through it, effectively emptying it for you and doing a quarter of the work at least! or, if you’re really feeling lazy and simply cannot fathom unpacking, you can thrown it all away and go shopping for new stuff, though cost could be a factor here.

haha…if i made hubby do it, it would get done one item at a time as i needed things from the suitcase, which i estimate would take until approximately july. kicking the suitcases sound like it would hurt, and it might scare the baby…which would lead to dealing with his screaming for who knows how long. the hiding thing might work, but i hid his sunflower seeds the other day and he hasn’t missed them, so i couldn’t rely on it. the shopping idea is tempting but i has some new clothes in there and i’d miss them. anyways, i unpacked our suitcase last night while watching hell’s kitchen…just have to unpack baby’s suitcase today…i may just throw everything in the laundry…but thanks for the suggestions!

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