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Glass Marbles DIY

Posted on: May 27, 2010

I was inspired the other day to use some glass marbles for a decorative DIY project, jewelled picture frames.  I have TONS of these marbles, that I purchased a long time ago and have never really gotten around to using them in my current home.  My original inspiration for these frames was a picture of these jewelled planters (http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2009/05/diy-jeweled-planters/#more-469).  I’m also going to make these planters later in the summer to place on my window sill when I bring my homegrown herbs indoors for the winter.  I had three IKEA Raket frames in the basement (and am going to make three more when I find the other frames I know I have somewhere).  I sprayed them with glossy white spray paint and used hot glue to secure the glass marbles.  The link above states that hot glue is okay since it won’t be getting wet, but I’ll see how they hold up and might use epoxy if the marbles start falling off.  I’m going to put these frames in a wooden cube storage unit that I’m going to make for the kitchen wall (another blog post forthcoming when the project is finished).

Photo to come when the other computer stops acting up.


3 Responses to "Glass Marbles DIY"

you’re so very crafty, stace!!! i think they’ll make very pretty frames. i really should start doing a few more art projects around here. though i do plan to put pictures in the bathroom (if we ever finish it) with my own pictures that i take in black and white).

Oh, I love how you incorporated the idea into picture frames ! So glamorous !


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