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The Search for Sprouts

Posted on: May 26, 2010

I love going out to my vegetable garden every day and inspecting my little crop carefully…there is always something new to see!  Today, I noticed that a bunch of new beets had sprouted.  I had four clusters of beets previously, and now the total is up to eight; the first planting will be ready to harvest in about three and a half weeks.  I have used a succession planting technique in my vegetable garden this year, meaning that by spreading out my plantings, I will have an extended growing season for most of the vegetables.  This will work wonderfully, since there are just three of us to feed (and the munchkin isn’t on solids yet).  I now have seven sugar snap pea plants sprouted, and four bush bean plants, with a few more poking out through the soil this morning.  I planted arugula on Monday, and I will be able to harvest the baby sprouts two weeks from now!  I also transplanted my tomato plants (thanks Mom!), one cherry tomato and one Primo Red.


2 Responses to "The Search for Sprouts"

and here i am with nothing but weeds growing in my back and front yards. speaking of which, i still need to cut it….hahaha. it’s neat that you’ll be able to eat your own home grown food. i haven’t done that since we had a veggie garden when i was a little kid.

[…] herbs) of my gardening labour!  After weeks of searching for sprouts (see my previous blog post here).  Saturday night, we had some fresh-picked parsley on our pork chops and tonight, we had fresh […]

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