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Posted on: May 22, 2010

Chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream icing...showcasing my rather primitive decorating skills

Today, I went in search of an eggless chocolate cupcake recipe.  Not because I am vegan and don’t eat eggs…but because I was too lazy to go to the store and get some.  I had a lot of buttercream icing left over from my last cupcake adventure on Thursday (which incidentally, used up my last two eggs!).  So, in order to not waste the icing (and perhaps because I was craving chocolate), I searched the Internet for an eggless chocolate cupcake recipe, and found many.  I chose one from RecipeZaar after reading through some of the reviews, which I always do when choosing a recipe online.  It turned out pretty well, as many of the reviewers had stated.  It’s made with ingredients that I always have on hand, so no last-minute grocery runs when I feel a craving coming on and since it doesn’t call for buttermilk (as my previous recipe did), I won’t have to figure out how to use the leftover buttermilk before it expires!



3 Responses to "Mmm…chocolate!"

My hear weeps to read about cupcakes. I haven’t had a dessert in so very long and I miss them greatly. Especially, for some reason, cupcakes. Which oddly enough, I never really cared for before I started my diet. It was the present from the bosses for administrative professional’s day, and I couldn’t eat any and I even dreamed about the darn things. Now you’re blogging about them. Sooner or later, the cupcakes may win and I’ll have to eat one.

do it…you’ve denied yourself for more than a month…you’re my hero. i suggest a cupcake, or perhaps a caramel apple from rocky mountain chocolate factory!

well, i just try and keep myself away from such things. yesterday in the grocery store, i stood for about three minutes staring at the sugar cookies with the really thick royal icing on them and drooling (they’re a fave of mine) before i told mike we had to leave the store, lest i fall off the sugar wagon.

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