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My Gardens

Posted on: May 21, 2010

This year marks my second foray into the gardening world, and I am desperately hoping that this year’s attempt is more successful than last year’s.  Last summer, my gardens suffered great neglect, brought on by my pregnancy-induced haze of morning sickness.  Weeds grew prolifically and I only managed to harvest a few cherry tomatoes to celebrate all my efforts during the spring.  This year, however, I am much more on the ball (and being on maternity leave and not having to go to work makes a big difference too!).  In the front of the house, I have my herb/flower garden.  So far, I have planted two Green Emerald Euonymus and a PJM Rhododendron, all of which are very hardy.  There is also some primrose plants and two Japanese Anemones, the sole survivors from last year’s garden.  I have planted some basil, parsley, tarragon, chives and plan to plant sage and marjoram.  In the backyard, I have planted carrots, beets, onions, buttercrunch lettuce, romaine, beans, peas, sugar snap peas, cilantro, rosemary and plan to add dill, oregano, green onion, thyme, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes (generously donated by my mother) and arugula next week.  Today, I went out to inspect the garden and found that several pea plants, beets, carrots and one bean plant have started to sprout already!  I’m so looking forward to harvesting my little crop and making delicious (and homegrown organic) meals for my little family…and if there’s enough left over, homemade baby food for my little munchkin.


3 Responses to "My Gardens"

awesome!!!! i may have to wander over and steal some stuff, haha. good luck keeping all the plants alive this year, stace!!

yeah, for sure…I am anticipating having extra, especially of the herbs

[…] year was marginally more successful.  I had bold plans to produce many vegetables and herbs to use in my cooking and was determined to have better luck […]

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